photo de Benoît Luyckx

Benoît Luyckx is a French contemporary artist, of Belgian origin, born in 1955. He graduated from the Ecole Boulle in 1976, and then he continued his studies in the Beaux-arts in Paris, before devoting himself totally to sculpture, henceforth travelling from quarry to quarry. Thus, he discovered the famous Carrara marble in Italy, as well as that of Belgium.

Benoît Luyckx transposes his thoughts into the mineral (stones and marbles), which he sculpts directly. Inspired by the great universal themes such as infinity, modernity, nature or the body, he goes beyond materiality, constantly moving between the figurative and the abstract.

He is particularly interested in movement, and more specifically in his sculptures’ dynamics, which, despite their material thus become lightweight. He expresses his watchful gaze upon nature within a duality expressed via the contrast of raw, striated, polished materials… His trips to the USA during the 1980s inspired him strongly in his interpretation of modernity. Following the periods of his career, his works are modernist, architectural, spiraled, vegetal or organic… Thus, recently, he is tending toward softer and more sensual forms, some of which, thanks to a play of ovoid openings, summon the impalpable, while others sublimate feminity.

He has worked, among others, for Hermès, for Chanel’s headquarters in Neuilly-sur- Seine, for Moët & Chandon, HSBC, Vinci etc… He has also carried out other monumental works for public or private commissions, such as those for the Palais de Justice of Evreux or the French Embassy in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. He exhibits in various galleries in Europe, and has several times been exhibited in the USA. He is part of important private collections, as well as several Foundations.


Biographical references :

1955: birth of Benoît Luyckx in Algiers, of Belgian origin by his father, an architect, and Spanish by his mother
1976: Benoît Luyckx graduated from the Ecole Boulle. The following year he entered the Beaux-arts school in Paris
1979 : he carried out his first trip to Carrara and there discovered the famous white marble, as well as the international world of sculpture
1980 : he set up his workshop in the outskirts of Paris
1981 : first of his many trips to New York, whose architecture (modernity, buildings) were to strongly inspire him later on
1990 : Paris, met Jean-Gabriel Mitterrand, who exhibited him in his gallery, as well as in the « Salon Découvertes » among other sculptors in the Grand Palais
1996 : commission of a monumental sculpture for the French Embassy in Phnom Penh ; Benoît Luyckx was impressed by the Khmer Art during a visit to Angkor
1998 to 2003 : various commissions in Europe
2005 : went to Greece for a commission and there he rediscovered white marble and its luminosity. Benoît Luyckx still continues to this day, to sculpt the Greek white marble
2007: several stays in China for the undertaking of monumental sculptures
2011: retrospective exhibition in the Espace Pierre Bergé, Brussels
2014: carried out the « DJ Box » for the Ramsès in Madrid, interior architecture by Philippe Starck and Bruno Borrione
2016-2017: the Galerie Berès devoted a solo exhibition to him in Paris, then exhibited him in various art fairs and Salons (TEFAF, BRAFA)

-2020-2021 : the exhibition “Être en Nature” at Loo & Lou Gallery in Paris shoes his recent works 


Southern France career – April 2021