Benoît Luyckx always imagines his work as such, naturally, but also in a manner that will imply its integration, its adaptation to the important volumes of current buildings. Above all, he does not want his work to be seen as a decorative adjunct, but more as an integral part of the whole building, and in accordance with the architect’ ideas and aims.

Each one of his work, quite obviously can, once it is developed, occupy an important place, for they are see as architectonic elements without interference. This explains his wish to be involved right from the start of the building’s inception so as to be even more integrated, to act together in order to obtain a more coherent whole in the space jointly chosen.

Her is an oeuvre which always calls out for the monumental scale […].

extract from the text written by Patrick-Gilles Persin, art critic

Voiles” (“Sails”) 2021, duo in Tavel’s blue stone and Statuario Venato marble, 2,60 meters high // private collection, French Riviera

“Falbala”, 2020, bronze 1/8, total height 200 cm

Project realised as part of 1immeuble1oeuvre charter, Vinci Immobilier Real Estate Development, picture : Fabrice Rambert
Projet-Joinville-levage blanc-bd

“Rencontre” 2018

Belgian Blue stone and Greek white marble – H. 3,20m

City hall esplanade of Joinville-le-Pont (94)

/ Eiffage Real estate development

This undertaking for the headquarters of Chanel at Neuilly-sur-Seine in 2008 combines several sculpted benches, low reliefs, as well as a “Trilogie”, a monumental sculpture 3 meters high. 

// Juan Trindade interior architecture 

"Water Space" is a low relief created in 2011 for the hall of the Millénaire V building in Aubervilliers. // Architecture Environnement, Icade Real Estate

Low-reliefs for the Monte Carlo Bay hotel entrance hall, Monaco, 2005

/ Pierre-Yves Rochon interior architecture

"Les Ailes de l'Ange", 2007, white marble, av. Hoche Paris 8ème / François Braun - Bernard Grenot architecture
"Les Trois Grâces", 2009, Estremoz White Marble (Portugal), Generali building, Paris 9ème / Béchu architecture
"Fontaine Mur d'Eau", 1999, Belgian Blue Stone, particular collection Paris 7 ème

“Duo Nador”, 1987, H.200 cm, Belgian Black Marble, exhibited at SAD, Grand Palais, Paris